Be cautious of wardrobe choice. The best colors and patterns to stick to are simple, neutral and/or natural colors. Remember that you want to compliment your surroundings — this includes backgrounds and other people involved in the shoot. 

The more subdued the color, the more likely it will compliment your overall photograph.

Wearing bright and drastic colors and/or crazy patterns will cause distraction. We want your photos to be a reflection of you, your partner, family, baby, friends — not the bold clothes you’re wearing. YOU are what we want to see!

Bright colors can also reflect light onto skin tones (yikes); so if you or someone standing next to you is wearing bright red for example, it may reflect a pink tone onto your skin in your photos. 

Therefore, sticking with neutral tones/hues of all colors is highly recommended. 
However - a SPLASH of color never hurt anyone. (; 

Here are some wonderful color choices:

  • Natural colors: white, ivory, beige, grey, black, brown. 
  • Subdued/Muted colors: mustard yellow, burnt orange, olive green, forest green, navy blue, deep red.  


  • Pay attention to hands/fingers/toes. You may want to get a manicure/pedicure before our session or at least have your nails looking nice and trimmed up. I like to suggest painting nails either a bold color (no color suggestions on this one, yay!) —such as turquoise, red, a pastel, white, pink, etc.—or keeping their natural appearance. Do whatever makes you happy and can correlate somehow with wardrobe choice(s). 
  • If you have a hat you love, bring it! We may get some cool shots with it on. Also plan to take pictures without a hat, too (gives us more options). 
  • Shoes are also important to pay attention to—they usually make an appearance. Choose wisely! Or bring a couple options. Again, neutral is perfect. BUT, a pop of color can be fun too. 
  • Guys (and ladies, children, and so forth): Please, please, please avoid logo or print shirts! No swoosh, no Abercrombie, no ‘I’m a _____’. Please. If you MUST, then bring as an extra and we will incorporate it into the shoot at some point. Photos are much classier and trendy and timeless without, in my opinion. 
  • Do makeup/hair the way you typically love and feel comfortable with. If you are a bride, absolutely be honest with your make-up artist and/or hair dresser (if you have one). You should bring a small bag of make-up and a brush, etc. for quick touch-ups. If anything, bring CHAPSTICK. 
  • Be aware of the skin you want and don't want to show in photographs. Example: I don't like my bare arms in photos because I think they appear funky sometimes, even though they are not! But when an arm is resting against a body, it naturally squishes. So I wear longer sleeves and jackets rather than spaghetti straps or strapless dresses. 
  • Twinning isn’t always the best option. Coordinate, but don’t be super matchy. Wear the clothes and colors that best suit your own self and let your partner/kids/parents do the same.
  • If you have a ‘favorite side’ let me know. I’ll do my best to capture the side you prefer. 
  • Lastly, remember these are all tips and suggestions, not rules. End of the day: do whatever makes you feel confident!