Ace's Wood You Believe It? Party


Yep. It’s true. The kid that made me a mama turned TWO last Tuesday and it is hard to truly believe TWO years have already flown by. I don’t remember much from Ace’s first birthday since I was in the midst of trudging through morning sickness while newly pregnant with Oaklyn. My good friend ended up baking Ace a couple of cakes and we celebrated with a very small group of people. To be honest, I can’t even remember if there was any desert for anyone but Ace! Was there any food aside from the smash cake? It’s apparent now that I blocked food from my thoughts as much as possible!

I had always wanted to throw a first birthday and dreamed of doing it since before Ace was born - I like to think into the future like that…maybe that’s weird? But then I felt a little robbed when it was nearing Ace’s FIRST birthday, and I could hardly look at cakes without wanting to hurl. His birthday came and went. I crawled back into bed. I knew he wouldn’t care nor remember, but it still made me sad. I promised myself I’d make it up for his second birthday. There are only so many birthdays I will get with my babies. Plus, I LOVE to throw parties.

Then TWO was here before I knew it! Maybe I wouldn’t have felt so bummed out if I would have realized how fast time passes and that TWO was just around the corner from ONE. Here it was, and it felt so nuts - didn’t he just turn ONE? 

It put into perspective how fast time goes - people would warn me of this while Ace was tucked snug inside my belly, and sure, I nodded and would say, “I bet!” - but I don’t think I could fully understand until he was here, until time snuck up on me and said “BOO! Ace is TWO.” I’m already imaging how it’s going to feel when he is getting married - half of it makes me want to go back to hurling, the other half makes me very excited for him and his future. I just love my baby. And it is strange to imagine him not being a baby anymore.


So here we are, Ace is TWO, and we had a super fun party for the kid - because although he may not remember it, especially the details put into it - I will. Jessy will. We know Ace felt very loved - his face was glowing with it when he realized we were all singing for him, that we were all there in celebration for him. I’ll never forget his face. It was my absolute favorite part of the day. I love seeing Ace feeling loved.


Speaking of, I think Ace’s favorite part of the day was playing on his bed with his buddies. Man was the kid feeling like he was in heaven. Laughing, screeching, looking back and forth at his friends doing crazy things on HIS BED in HIS ROOM.

We found that we couldn’t have asked for a better second birthday party - we were so grateful for our friends and family and that they were able to come love on Ace boy and make him feel so special. It was a good day. 

Now fingers crossed THREE doesn’t come as fast!!!



Photos by Aye Ribordy Photography

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