Yellowbottom Camping Trip


Well we did it - we went camping with an almost two year old AND a two month old. Call us crazy, but it was pretty great. Let me be clear: it was not the same as camping just you and your partner or you and a group of friends. We were with kids, so we expected things to be not-so-perfect, but still a fun experience - something we learned recently on our trip to L.A. 

And it was!

Some favorite memories from our camping trip to Yellowbottom: 

- The crackling fire and watching Ace totally mesmerized by it
- Ace laughing hysterically while in the tent
- Oaks being TOTALLY chill and happy to spend all her time outside
- Seeing Ace and Oaks cuddled in their jammies at night
- Walking five feet from our tent to stare at the stars together (while the kids were snoozing)
- Smoreeeeees and hotdoggggggs
- Playing cards on our air mattress while the kids were sleeping soundly next to us
- Staying hydrated with Citradelic IPA's
- Catching a minnow with my bare hands and then showing it to Ace
- Pancakes for breakfast
- Snuggling at night in the tent because it was SO COLD (we didn't bring enough blankets for ourselves and paid the price - you live and learn!)
- Being given $3 by the kindest family because we had a money crises when it came to needing exact change. 
- Being totally unplugged . . . aside from documenting our time with my camera. 
- Watching Ace become happily aquatinted with dirt. 

Things we struggled with/learned from:

- Needing more blankets for at night (kids were warm, we froze). 
- If you bring a baby, make sure to have multiple safe swaddles - I put Oaks in her jammies, then Woombie, then swaddle blanket, then Ollie Wrap to hold everything SAFELY together. She stayed nice and cozy. I was almost worried I overdid it, but continuously monitored her and she was a happy clam and had no overheating issues. 
- When your baby is formula fed, camping doesn't make it easier. We brought a thermos so when we boiled water (which took forever over a fire), we could save it to heat up a bottle later on. But aside from that, Oaks had to take it room temp/cold. She didn't totally mind, but I could tell it wasn't her favorite, especially first thing in the morning! I was also pumping at the time, and just brought my hand pump. Sigh, I really miss breastfeeding. (; 
- You have to be VERY CAUTIOUS of your toddler and the fire pit. Don't allow them to even get close. When the fire was burning, Ace had to either be in the chair or by the picnic table. Even then, we had to be constantly paying attention. Lucky for me, Jessy is a rockstar at keeping an eye on Ace - especially while I tend to Oaks.
- Buy safe bugspray for your kids. We used Honest Company's bug spray. It helped, but we still had to kill a few mother effers. Both kids didn't get a single mosquito bite. I got one. Jessy, well, he got a few haha. 
- Stay organized. I used some tips from Pinterest and bought containers at the dollar store along with some key supplies - like hand sanitizer that was also approved for little ones (I didn't need to use it on Oaks, just Ace).


Although it wasn't as relaxing as it used to be to go camping, we thought it was still worth it and really fun. We made a lot of special memories in two nights, and can't wait to go with the kids again! We may even try for one more outing before the summer days are over. 

The image above is of Green Peter Reservoir (there is a lake, Foster Lake, further down the mountain). Where we went to camp was further up the moutain and is called Yellowbottom. Below is a quote Jessy and his buddies used to say when they were little that I thought was clever and funny. 

You jump in Foster Lake and come out with a Green Peter and a Yellowbottom.

Rather than taking a bunch of photos during the trip, I decided to start taking footage mainly. That way Jessy and I could make home videos to look back on someday. We both take footage, I edit/string everything together, and Jessy writes the music for it. 

We hope that someday we can do this for other families and/or couples. But we will see! Hope you enjoy the video. Theres a super cute part of Ace in it - you'll know when.

Don't forget to click HD! 

Aysha Ribordy