Oaklyn Eve's Newborn Photos

This is going to be a nice, short post as I'm trying to write it while Oaks is intermittently fussing and grunting and spitting her binky out every 5-10 seconds (!!!)

Before Oaks was born, I decided I wanted to take some newborn photos of her because I sort of regret not taking any of Ace. (Hopefully he won't be too bummed that his 'newborn photos' are random pictures on an iPhone! Sorry kid.) So while Ace was at his grammy's, I was able to snap some photographs of my little two week old. 

I'm excited how Oaklyn's photos turned out because they feel very magical yet are also simple. Years from now (or even months from now!), I'm sure I'll look back on these and miss my little newborn sweet pea. She's been such a good baby so far and I've really enjoyed the snuggles, coo's, and kisses. Now that I've experienced how fast babies grow (when did Ace become a toddler?!), I am trying to cherish this newborn phase as much as possible.

But I have to admit, I am REALLY stoked for her to start smiling (so let's fast forward and then stop time for a bit?). Right now I'm getting glimpses of her smile as she is dreaming, and it makes my heart swell every time. I just love my baby girl and I am so happy Oaks is finally here with us. 


Aysha Ribordy