Easter 2017 - 37 Weeks

It's Easter (or was) and I am officially 37 weeks pregnant! Which means our little egg can hatch at any moment from here on out, so now it's just the waiting game. Our hospital bags are packed, two car seats are now installed in our car, and Jessy finished building baby girl's co-sleeper basinnet because he's kinda, sorta the best daddy/husband in the world. 

I've reached the point in my pregnancy where most dresses are almost too short to wear without my underwear showing, pants are too tight to sit down in, I'm getting head butts to my cervix along with irregular contractions, my butt has allowed more stretch marks to join the party, I keep meaning to trim my toenails but they seem to be miles away from reach, and I still can't stop stuffing my face with dessert every night because my day just doesn't feel complete without ice cream or a candy bar or my healthy choice --- chocolate covered strawberries. The 35 pounds I've gained so far is completely my fault (for those of you that don't know anything about weight gain in pregnancy, 35 pounds sucks for my ego but is indeed in the recommended weight gain for pregnancy --- go me! To be more specific 25-35 is recommended...so yeah, I'm there at 37 weeks). I gained 38 with Ace, so my goal is to not exceed that amount this pregnancy (hahaha). 

So yeah, it's been a ride, but I'm ready to get OUT of the car. Stretch my legs for a bit. And shed some pounds!

But it was also Easter! And Ace had a blast and a half celebrating. Last year he was a little babe and so he wasn't comprehending anything aside from that he had hands and liked to be walked around. So this year he made up for it by having us hide eggs like 10x over because he enjoyed the search so much. And he got some sweet new Hot Wheels and tractors in his basket. Ate a couple boiled eggs he found. Drank some juice. It was a great day. 

Of course you can check out the fun Ace had below along with some 37 week bump photos! It really was a special Easter and we can't wait to celebrate next year with our TWO little chickies.


Ace celebrates Easter 2017 by going on an egg hunt in his grammy and papa's backyard, after first opening up his basket and getting new tractors. Music by husband, Jessy Ribordy

For better quality: turn on HD in Settings on Video (; 

Aysha Ribordy