Ace at 17 Months Old

Ace is full force toddler these days. I’m not sure what the actual age is that they transition from ‘baby’ to ‘toddler,’ but it doesn’t really matter because half of me feels he is still my baby (and always will be), while the other part of me is screaming WARNING: TODDLER.

I sort of love it though. Sure, he can reach the table now and spill my water. I have to be cautious of knives on the counter. He is more frustrated than ever if we can’t understand his gibberish, which leads to lots of whiney noises and annoying grunts. He is getting pickier with food, so currently his two favorite food groups are noodles and tomato sauce. . . and ‘cwacker.’ If we let him have spaghetti and graham crackers on the daily, he’d probably be the happiest kid around. Maybe that is why he’s been so darn happy this week? (; 

Aside from all the energy it takes to keep up with him these days — that I don’t have — it’s pretty cool watching Ace become his own little person. He’s a serious comedian like his dada and is currently obsessed with tractors, trains, and trucks. Lots of “UH-UH-UH” (if you didn’t already figure that one out, that means truck). Now he knows how to ‘vroom vroom’ and it’s insanely adorable. But I still favor when he says “wah-dur.” (water). 

Anyhow, I took the morning to document some of what Ace is up to nowadays. I don’t want to forget, because even though it’s been hard, it’s also been wonderful. He’s such a fun spirited kid. Except when it’s time to go inside [because it is cold], then he is a nightmare. . .

So that’s one more reason I CAN’T WAIT FOR SUMMER. 

P.S: We are in the middle of renovations in Ace's room (and our room), which is why there is no bottom trim, etc. SO EXCITED to share the final product(s)! Just finished that [sort of?] shiplap wall in Ace's room and I'm for real in love. Totally transformed his space already. Woop! 

Here is a clip of Ace playing in his room like a goob. Music by my husband, Jessy Ribordy.


I'm also a newbie at editing videos, so try not to judge too harshly! (;