Faye's Fairy Magical First Birthday


The pictures should speak for themselves - it was a beautiful party that my sis-in-law spent a lot of time planning out and making special for my niece, Faye. Her adventure being a mother this past year has been one of the most cherished, inspiring, challenging, most-rewarding gifts she has ever been given - and was a gift given during a difficult time in life. Faye has been a light in the dark to her parents - their little fairy (literally the definition of Faye) - and so we loved seeing the magic this party held as it celebrated one year of having Faye in our lives. It was very special and sweet (and just straight up charming). Thank you, Bee and Nick, for being such wonderful, loving parents to Faye. We are so happy she is here to light up all of our worlds. 

Oh, and the food was bomb. Bee made the tacos, and my dad-in-law made his famous salsa (which is the greatest salsa in all the land). 

But nothing could beat the fairy herself. She was just too darling.

But as with any great party, comes the crash.