Aysha Ribordy

I am married to Jessy Ribordy: singer/songwriter/storyteller. You can check out his work here: jessyribordy.com (Need a singer for your wedding? A songwriter for your film? A TV series script? He’s your guy.)

I have two children: a toddler Ace, and a baby girl baking in my belly. Due May 2017. 

Along with our children, there are two Ragdoll cats that meow at us day in and day out, known as Nova and Banjo, as well as our stick-obsessed dog, Willow. We keep them around because no one can make Ace laugh as much as they can! 

Wyoming — Seattle — Oregon

Donuts and Sweet Potato Fries

My Photography

What I know right now: I prefer lifestyle photography. Sure, a pose here and there is totally okay and variety is important, but overall I am pursuing taking photographs that encapsulate more than a face, but instead a story, an emotion, a memory. It’s easy to tell someone to look at the camera, smile, and click the picture. It’s getting people comfortable enough to express their stories and personalities through movement and touch and laughter and tears while a camera is facing them that is the challenge—but one that makes for the perfect photograph to cherish. Something real.

Check out the [limited] work I have on my site to get a sense of my style. I enjoy the filmy look, but also dabble in other styles as well. Some photos deserve to be bold, while others more subdued!